Even if I'm not really the fan of the nowadays very fashionable comedy á la idiots, I do have to admit that a certain British man called Russell Brand does have the talent, the personality and the speaking skills to be the next big thing.
I remember the days when hardly anyone knew him and then, with Forgetting Sarah Marshall he officially became an actor we should pay attention to. With his sharp accent, rather interesting hair and outfits and working with MTV he, of course, became a teenage idol but that's just a 'byproduct' - he can and hopefully will be greater than that. The proof is the aforementioned movie where he shared the screen with Jason Segel and Kristen Bell, yet no matter how famous they are and how well they played, he was the star of the film, without any doubt. So it's no wonder he is already a hardworking actor with many, many pictures to be made and it is worth to check out some of his appearances in various shows on YouTube. He might act like a totally crazy person, yet critics and fans say there is huge hope in him. And to tell you the truth, despite all my love for dramas and all my dislike when it comes to 'watch it once and never again' comedies, I do believe them.

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PS.: From now on I'll try to blog more often, I really hope I can keep my word!

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