Woody and the music.

There are many reasons why I love Woody Allen and one of these is his love for opera. Not only because he supported the renovation of Venice's La Fenice (oh yes, adoring Venice is also a thing we have in common) but also because when he uses classical music in his movies, he always makes sure to use the best and most beautiful ones. A recent example is his 2006 film, Scoop that had an especially whimsical and old-times atmosphere due to the tones of Swan Lake (and the wonderful script of course. For your information, one of the "songs", In the Hall of the Mountain King by Grieg was performed by The Budapest Philharmonic Orchestra) and whenever I think of Match Point, I always think of a picture saturated with touching opera songs. I like how using classical music in a film set in the modern world has a special vibe.

Many of the songs are performed by Enrico Caruso and it's not a surprise since he was simply brilliant. The film starts with Una furtiva lagrima from Donizetti's L'elisir d'amore and though my favourite Una furtiva lagrima is performed by someone else, it doesn't change the fact that this version is magnificent as well. However, my favourite Mi par d'udir ancora (from Bizet's I Pescatori di Perle) is the one that can be heard in the movie - by Caruso, just like Mia Piccirella.
Alan Oke's Un dì felice, eterea from my favourite opera ever, La Traviata is - along with Mi par d'udir ancora - my favourite song from the album and I have never heard it before watching the film (I don't know, maybe it was recorded specifically for Match Point).
Even if you yourself are not an opera lover but happen to know someone who is or simply who likes classical music, it would make a great gift for any occasion - it's more like a bouquet of wonderful arias than a simple soundtrack album.

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