Imagine what it would be like if you Let it be...

If there is one band without whom pop music would not exist the way it does, it's The Beatles. Their songs, their appearence, their fans are all part of the history of our world and this is why they will never be forgotten and never go out of style. Even those who don't like classic music admit that everything started with The Beatles and if you ask me, there is something in it that sends shivers down mine spine.
Anyway, in my head Let It Be and Imagine (one the two most respected songs of pop history) belong together, even if one of them is by The Beatles (and was written by Paul McCartney) and the other is a John Lennon composition. The atmosphere and the emotions it transmits seem very similar to me and I equally like them both. I have never met anyone, regardless to age or gender or social position, who didn't like any of these songs, regardless to their opinion about The Beatles/John Lennon. I think this is the highest sphere of popular music and art.
Someone once said that Imagine is the song every musician wishes was theirs. There's no reason to doubt his right.

Let It Be:


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