I think even those who don't like opera know (and maybe like, or simply don't hate) Carmen, especially Habanera, the legendary song where Carmen is trying to seduce Don José (and why exactly him? well, you know how it goes: everyone wants you except for one, the one you want to adore you...). The song is not only beautiful, it's also quite whimsical and entertaining, very elfish and sometimes even taunting.
In the video below Habanera is performed by the magnificent Agnes Baltsa, and every time I look at her in this scene (and in Carmen general), I can't help but smile, because I simply admire and adore how she does Carmen.

It would be a mistake to write about Habanera without mentioning Callas - here she is, singing it in 1962, although not in a theatrical performance. The Habanera starts at 2:10, before there are various themes from the opera, but it's worth the nearly 6 and a half minutes to watch someone so iconic and divine, so beautiful and talented play with her voice, her gestures, her eyes and smile. Priceless.

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