Lo dudo.

Lo dudo means "I doubt" in English and it's the title of a beautiful Spanish song by Latinamerican band Los Panchos. It was a great success at the time and it still is loved around the globe, especially like Almodóvar lovers, like me, who know and love this song (at all or even more) from La Ley del Deseo (The Law of Desire), where a very young Antonio Banderas singing it to his lover. So this song is not only wonderful, it's also part of a marvellous scene in a great movie.

The lyrics:
I doubt, I doubt, I doubt
that you'll ever love me
the way I love you.

I doubt, I doubt, I doubt
that you'll find a love as pure
as the love you've found in me.

You'll have thousands of affairs,
without love
but at the end of it all
you'll only have pain.
They will give you mad
but not the sincere feelings
I offered you.

And the videos, first
in La Ley del Deseo, and then, Los Panchos

La Ley del Deseo

2. Los Panchos...

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