1. CNN has a rather ironic yet interesting article about the baby from Nirvana's Nevermind album cover. To tell the truth, even if he has become somewhat the part of pop culture, he really should just be glad and let it go. Does he really think he can make it to the A-list just because he's the "Nirvana baby"??

2. The Golden Globes nominations are out and I am glad because the nominees really deserve it (just look at the dreamteam of the Best actor in a drama category) but I have a question: apart from some bittersweet British jokes, since when is In Bruges a "Comedy or musical"???

3. Vanity Fair published an article about The Things Yves Loved, with photos from late designer Yves Saint Laurent's apartment(s). Though it's no surprise that a designer has good taste, I still think YSL is different and it's definitely worth to take a look at the pictures.

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