Like a prayer. Or not so much.

I like religious poems that reflect the doubt we, human beings feel when thinking of God and afterlife. Ágnes Nemes Nagy, a Hungarian poet has a poem called "To liberty" and I think it's simply beautiful and thought provoking. Just an excerpt:

What good if you exist and I disown you?
What, if I praise you and you don’t exist?

Left-over God. Your wayward fascination
binds me no more. I tired long ago.
Some of my friends have just died of starvation.
You haven’t heard. I thought I’d let you know.

What kind of straw did they last clench their teeth on?
What kind of skulls sank to what kind of dust?
A few odd crumbs might have been within reason,
some small miracles would have been august!

I long to see their lips again in smiling,
their soft, round chins that were ground underfoot;
I long for Rome, - for beautiful, beguiling
gardens and for rich, luxurious food.

The whole poem can be read here: In English and in Hungarian as well, just in case you're interested.

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