Two things.

One reason why I love fashion is because many campaign shots are simply irresistible. I bet there have been myan exhibitions showin various fragrance ads and other pictures but unfortunately, I don't know of any... Anyway, here are the latest two 'posters' that I quite simply adore.

Christian Bale for Armani. Basically, as the writing say, it's Bruce Wayne for Armani since it's an ad that has double purposes: first, to promote Armani and second, to promote the new Batman movie, The Dark Knight. And though it's a not-so-ordinary photo, I love it because Christian Bale has something that makes it special. I couldn't really say what but it makes me feel like I am staring at an artwork. Besides, I've appreciated his talent ever since I saw American Psycho...

I love this Gaultier ad not only because I like it when a picture is both colorful and monochrome but also because campaigns normally don't involve the designer (though Jean-Paul is not the first one to do it, as we all know). When he was asked how he would describe this scent he said: "It's my type of woman — at the same time fragile and strong, like a tomboy that is a little androgynous in attitude so, you know, she can cut her hair if she wants
." Of course, this description screams for Agyness Deyn who is considered "model of the moment" (though I just can't be part of the craze for her) who left Burberry behind for good and let me say, this shoot I love more than her previous ones. If I were to organize an exhibition of fashion advertisements, I would absolutely put it on the wall!

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