Le Belle Noiseuse.

Many say that French movies are boring, especially elder ones and some also believe that even the shortest movie seems to last forever. In the case of Jacques Rivette's La Belle Noiseuse, the latter might be true - and now I am not referring to its 236 minutes but to the emotion it creates in one.

For those who don't like art or the process of painting in general, La Belle Noiseuse is not a must-see. But for someone who is interested in creating something great, who wants to dig deep into the soul of a pianter and his muses, this film will seem no longer than any other wonderful masterpiece. Rivette won the Grand Prize of the Jury in Cannes with this drama that stars artists like Michel Piccoli (who, at 83 is still a working actor), Emmanuelle Béart (whom you might recognize from the brilliant 8 femmes or more likely from Mission:Impossible) and Jane Birkin (when it comes to her, it is impossible not to mention the Hermès
bag named after her and her rather impressive family /especially her trendsetter daughters, Lou Doillon and Charlotte Gainsbourg/).

I recommend this movie to everyone who likes "freelance" movies (there was no script when they were making the film so scenes were shot in sequential order and the work based upon the previously shot scenes) and - as I had already said - to those who have always wanted to stand behind the canvas of a painter who is working on his masterpiece.

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