Love Letters.

CNN has an interesting article about a fictional book that appears in Sex and the City: The Movie - "Love Letters From Great Men". Of course fans all around the world who love romance or simply want to read something Carrie and Big does that millions wanted to buy it, needles to say: in vain. But even if named book does not exist, here are some books that might be romantic and beautiful too, since we're talking about love letters...

This book with the rather unimpressive cover is claimed to be the "closest text" to the fictional one and it's already so popular it has become one of the 200 best sellers Amazon.

An other one is 50 Greatest Love Letters and it contains letters from Mozart, George Bush, Michelangelo, Hemingway, Kerouac and other famous and great people.

And then, there is Richard Tamplin's Famous love letters, published by Reader's Digest. The book has 4 categories and has letters by Frida Kahlo, Goethe and many others.

And for those who are not that intersted in love letters but want to read Beethoven's letter that has a major part in Sex and the City: The Movie, here it is, or at least a part of it (it is known as Letter to the Immortal Beloved):
Oh, My god! Why do we have to be separated, when it's loving so? My life, the same here that in Vienna, it's full of spins. Your love have made me at the same time the happier be and the most unfortunate be. At my age, I'd need already an uniformity, some normality in my life. Can it be in our relations?... angel, I just know that the mail is up every day. And that makes me think that you'll receive the letter soon.

Be quiet. Just watching with tranquillity our life we'll reach our goal to live together. Be quiet, love me. Today and yesterday, how I wish and how many drops thinking in you... in you... in you... my everything! Bye... always love me! Don't distrust never of the loyal heart of your inloved Ludwig. Forever yours, forever mine, forever ours."

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