Joachim and his many scarves.

With all my respect for my German roots, when it comes to football I simply can not root for Germany. But it doesn't mean I don't like a man with style and their coach Joachim Löw is certainly someone men should be inspired by when they stand in front of their wardrobes (if they have one) in the morning.

Looking at his outfits during the games you might observe one thing: he loves scarves a lot. And he is right - a scarf is the perfect accessory for a man, especially when he is wearing a "simple" black suit-white shirt combination (that is, in my opinion, is still one of the best choices a man can make in getting dress) since it makes the whole outfit look elegantly sophisticated.

To have more black suits and white shirts is obligatory for a working man and scarves have the effect of making the look different every time.

But it's not just a suit that can use a scarf, an everyday outfit looks equally "chic" with one.

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