House by Marc Jacobs

It is not only W magazine that decided to create itself a stylish new home (without Vogue...) - Marc Jacobs likes to add new (for him, at least) pieces to his ever-gorwing art collection that help him make his apartment even cooler and more sensitive. Where else to get obsessed with paintings than in Paris, after all??

This is what I like about style - it's not just one thing or another. It's complex. Here we have one of the most successful desingers (the one no-one is tired of waiting for when it comes to his fashion show), sitting in his library (with books, obviously, so - literature) with a 1986 painting on the wall a 'sixties Dominique table', to quote W and the picture itself is arty as well. Style is in the picture yet not every ingredient of it - that would clearly be impossible.


I love that Richard Prince piece on the wall - the writing is witty and bittersweet! It says "I waited on the corner for my blind date. When this girl walked by, I said, " Are you Linda?" She said " Are you Richard?" " I said,"yeah". She said," I'm not Linda." - if it's not readable.
You can read the article HERE and do not forget to check the slide show sonce the pics are not visible in their original width and there are more pics of his place and collection!

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