Elliot, oh, Elliot...

Yesterday paintings, today photography. I know I haven't been posting about fashion for a while, but as I have always believed, style is not simply fashion (even Coco Chanel agrees) and most importantly, my room is under renovation that means nothing is certain, I don't have a proper room and everything's a mess around me and in the house.

So, photography. I have many favourite photographers, but today is for someone special: Elliot Erwitt. Considering I have huge difficulties picking my favourites, visit his official site and/or check some masterpieces I have posted here. I love it that he always catches the moment that makes you think and stare for more than one moment and black&white photographs seem to be closer to me (except for fashion photography and Peter Richweisz, and... some others).

Okay, probably this last one is my favourite. Maybe because it was the first one I saw by him, I don't know. I love his pictures of dogs, they have something unique about them, something more than those pet pictures you see nowadays.
PS. If you happen to be in Tuscany (Italy) between 24 November and 16 December, don't miss the Lucca Digital Photo Fest where his works are shown.
Lucca Digital Photo Fest

(Images: various sources and definitely not my own images...)

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