The "Sofia Coppola girl"

If there's such a thing as a "Chloé girl" or a "Miu Miu girl", then I think it's about time to introduce the "Sofia Coppola girl". It's enough to look at any of her movies to see the similarities - a young, blonde, whimsical girl, who's the spitting image of Kirsten Dunst (in not-so-trashy outfits). This is how the girls in Virgin Suicides looked like, more or less this is what Charlotte's character was based on in Lost in Translation, not to mention Marie Antoinette. Apart from the looks, the "Sofia Coppola girl" adores colourful and tasty cakes (once again, Marie Antoinette), and what other background could a girl like this have than Paris?
So, Coppola's latest creation, this time an ad for Dior, is something very much like the official introduction of the "Sofia Coppola girl". This introduction is the result of a process that started with the aforementioned Virgin Suicides and became almost complete with Marie Antoinette. Only modernization was needed to complete the maybe unintentional mission and with this modernization came the scent that's on the top list of many young girls of our age.

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