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Back in the old days, Hungary was one of the most important countries when it came to classical music. The most famous composers came to work for Hungarian nobles, not to mention the Hungarian composers themselves, who, with Ferenc Liszt, Béla Bartók and Zoltán Kodály contributed to the world of music so much that it wouldn't be the same without them.
Today, when classical music is mostly only fashionable when it's turned into pop music by some sound mixing (sadly, 90% of the cases in a horrible way), there are two Hungarian musicians, both violin virtuoses, who are not only well-known worldwide, but for many years they were, also sadly, even more famous abroad.

1. Zoltán Mága
Thankfully, he tries to play the clean classical music, meaning without any pop elements but all the talent and joy he has when it comes to this field. His interpretations of Kalinka and other famous classical themes are dynamic and modern, yet they respect the old traditions. This is what is missing from many formations and individuals who wish to become popular in this genre and this is something only the most brilliant artists can do.
Also, he is an honest and softspoken person who often takes part in charity events.

Strauss: Radetzky March

Brahms: 5th Hungarian Dance

2. Edvin Marton
It's a shame that the first time I heard his name was when he performed with ice skater friend Evgeni Plushenko and nowadays he is about everywhere, both in the country and out of it. He was at the Heidi Klum-Seal wedding as a friend, he performed with Lou Bega and I could go on. Yet, his most famous and successful collaboration remains the one with Plushenko and I wouldn't say it's a pity since they really made a great duo.

Both videos below are the more pop version of a famous theme from Puccini's Tosca. I decided to put them here to demonstrate that the "distortion" of beautiful and classic things can also end up right and still beautiful, when touched by professional and respecting hands.

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