Zoltán Latinovits was a Hungarian actor, one of the most famous and popular artists of the 20th century. It was not only his outstanding talent that made him legendary - it was also his rather mysterious personality that is often described as hard and depressed, and his love with actress Éva Ruttkai.
No matter whom he played - a mad major in The Toth Family, a Casanova in Sinbad, a doctor suffering a spiritual crisis in Cantata (directed by Miklós Jancsó, one of the most famous Hungarian directors of all time) or an outlaw in The Hopeless Ones (also directed by Jancsó), he had that something that mesmerized everyone, regardless to age or gender.
He died at the young age of 44 when a train crashed him. The circumstances of his death are still unknown, some say it was suicide, some say it was an accident. Either way, the death of the sensible artist and the great actor was a shock for everyone.
Below is an excerpt from his letter to Ruttkai, a letter that shows how emotional, hopeless and devoted he was.

"I am waiting for you to say: be calm, I am and will be for You. We have to blow warmth on each other. We have to bound each other with love-ropes. The world is cold. The fires will be tamed. The fire is needed. The light is needed. We need one another. Let the storm rush us to each other. Let the silence chase us to each other. Don't let us grow cold. Because alone, alone it's so abhorrent..."

With Eva Ruttkai, the love of his life

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