Stolen from France.

It is a usual thing for US film makers to "steal" stories from Europe, especially from France (think Three Men and a Baby or The Man with One Red Shoe) and the infamous one child with more possible fathers theme.
1. Les Compères (ComDads)

With Gerard Depardieu and Pierre Richard, what else can you hope for than something really entertaining? The best way to make a funny movie is, of course, putting two absolutely different personalities together who have to collaborate to reach their goal - in this case, to find "their" son who fled home to hang out with some suspicious youngsters. Watching Depardieu in his 1983 shape and seeing Pierre Richard play the clumsy but loveable character we see him play in most of his famous movies is refreshing yet nostalgic.
2. Une chance sur deux

Since this movie is from 1998, it had to live up to the upcoming new century so it is full of action but obviously we have no doubt wether the lovely Vanessa Paradis will be saved by his tow possible fathers, played by a certain Alain Delon and Jean-Paul Belmondo and I would say it's a great movie, the only problem is what I dislike about all of these movies: the identity of the real father remains unknown to: a. the father-candidates (most of the time each of them are told they are the real but it would hurt the other/s/ too much to tell them the "truth" as well) b. the viewers. It seems like the happy end would be in danger if someone actually found out...
3. Mamma Mia!

And here it is, the latest, the American. I really loved this movie (putting apart the aforementioned disappointment in the end), ABBA was the perfect choice and it was wonderful to hear all those songs I've heard at least a thousand times suiting the plot of the movie (unfortunately I haven't seen the musical). Even if the end was really fast (think about the wedding), I loved it very much. It was a bit theatrical of course but you just have to get used to seeing that on the screen instead of the stage. And Meryl Streep... I don't think I have to finish this sentence. You all know she is simply fabulous.

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