Some art from Croatia. Part 1.

Just like in any other city that has an enormous number of visitors every year, we can buy art on the streets at Zadar as well. The following pieces are sold on Kalelarga (that is often called the Les Rambles of Zadar) and though they are not art that you will see in galleries, I found them really beautiful.

It reminds me of lovemaking in a very tender way. I like this picture because it simply suggests passion without openly showing it.

My forst thought was "dancing Jack the Ripper", I really don't know why. But I like the technique and the play with the shadows. I would also say there is some whisicality in it that gets balanced by the darkness and the aforementioned shadows.

This is my favourite of all, if I could give it a name it would probably be "Wondering why". I like the way this piece of art expresses emotions without being too obvious. This method helps the viewer to deep down into it more. I could stare at it for hours.

Of course, you can buy copies of famous paintings too. If only Gustav Klimt could see this...

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