New Coldplay.

There are only a few contemporary musicians I really like and Coldplay is definitely one of them. Still, no matter how much I have been waiting for their new songs, when I heard the title of the album - Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends - I felt a certain disappointment. It felt a corny to me and what exactly is Eugรจne Delacroix's Liberty Leading the People doing on the cover? But after being reluctant for almost a month, I decided to give it a try and let me say, even if I still have some objections about the title and other explanations (for example that it was named after a Frida Kahlo painting that is, in my opinion a far cry from her other works), it was worth it.

Speaking of the songs, Cemeteries of London is really dynamic and I could absolutely imagine it in a film. I know they said they tried to make something non-Coldplay-ish (and it is plain to see in the lyrics that unfortunately seem forced-dark to me), 42 reminds me a lot of the tracks on X&Y but not only it doesn't reduce its value, it is like a sweet memory - beautiful. In a way, it's also futuristic due to the clear sound. Basically the whole record is like this - dynamic, beautiful, clear.
Probably the most interesting song is Yes with Chris Martin's strangely deep voice and all the instrumental details. The latter appears in other songs as well for my great joy. A significantly new plus is that Martin's voice sounds stronger than ever and this, of course, strengthens the songs even more (see Violet Hill or the aforementioned Yes).
The album is very balanced and without a question a quality work - exactly what everyone expects from Coldplay. Great tracks that can be listened to over and over again. The only (and not so grave) disappointment with the work itself was that the lyrics are not as moving as their previous ones (with a few exceptions) but they are still good enough to make me want to listen to everything they will release in the future.

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