The Master and the Sunset.

When a famous person says something nice about your hometown, you obviously start to like him a bit more. But when named artist is legendary filmmaker Alfred Hitchcock, it is no wonder if you become obsessed with him. This is the case with the lovely people of Zadar who, in my opinion, are just inches away from a Hitchcock statue. The reason why the director of Psycho and other masterpieces is respected all around the city is because when he wanted to film a beautiful sundown somewhere, he followed the advice of actor Cliff Robertson and travelled to Croatia. The story of how the Zadar sunset enchanted him can be read on the beach, accompanied by a photo taken by a famous Zadar-based photographer:

For film lovers like me, the postcard with his face and famous statement is some kind of treasure:

To tell the truth, there is nothing strange about the fact that the Maestro found the sunset more wonderful that what he could experience in California; it really can not be described by words, it has to be seen, it has to witnessed - it is indeed so marvellous that one unintededly starts to admire nature for all its miracles even more.

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