It's never enough of Woody.

I might share my birthday with darling Paul McCartney but I can't stop but envy my cousin who shares his b-day with Woody Allen - my favourite director, ever. Of course I have other favourites as well, but no one else's personality can be more attractive than Woody's - think of his legendary comments and quirky voice and even the fact that he was chosen one of the 100 Sexiest Stars in film history, back in 1995. And yes, he is sexy in his right, he has that certain something very few can resist - the archetype of the man who takes it all with his humour.
So, our dear Mr. Allen turns 72 today. Happy Birthday to him, of course, and I can't wait to see his upcoming projects and I hope he'll keep making this life more bearable with his masterpieces for a very-very long time.

And, you know, at least I share one thing with the genious Woody - our love for Venice, Italy.

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