Santa day

I don't know how it is in your country but in mine Christmas gifts are not brought by Santa Claus but by Jesus Christ himself. But, it doesn't mean Santa has no role in our traditions - he has a whole day to bring gifts, too! Named day is today, December 6th - I remember when I was a child, I couldn't sleep I was so excited about the gifts he had put into our boots (literally, we had to clean our boots/shoes, put them in front of the door and by next morning there were gifts and sweets in them and next to them)... But nowadays, when I am officialy adult (obviously, along with my older brother, so no kids in our family anymore), this day is not that exciting but thank God, we still receive sweets (you can never be adult enough to have enough of chocolate, am I right???).
So I was absolutely happy to get a pack of Raffaellos - they are heavenly, as always, this time in the form of a bell; typical Christmas pack, I love it.
But my favourite of the year is my borther's gift - Lindt Santa Claus chocolate. As you probably know, Lindt is the best chocolate on Earth, super delicious, extra quality and their packages are always wonderful as well. Along with Italian company Sorini and Ferrero, they are my favourite sweets company...

(click HERE to see it in full size, it is too wide, Blogspot cannot show it properly)
I know I have already mentioned in a previous post how much I love winter and the sweets that come with it but after Santa Claus day, I am never lack of chocolate and simply can't wait what Christmas brings along. So, just an advice (that you are probably aware of): if you don't know what to buy or just want to sweeten your gifts - think good quality Christmas sweets - Lindt, Milka, Ferrero, Mozart... all the big ones know how to make delicious and extremely good looking gifts.

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