Dominique Besson+Vintage Movie Posters=miracle

As we all know, vintage has been 'in' for a while and it really doesn't seem to go out, especially not when it comes to special pop culutral merchandise - think something Beatles or Elvis related, or a mug with the picture of James Dean or Marilyn Monroe (thanks for KIKA for making these two dreams of mine come true for $1,5 per mug).
And if you are also into movies, especially elder ones, you might show some interest in a French gentleman's offer: his website, dominiquebesson.com gives you the opportunity to check out some movie posters from all around the world (along with pre1900 ones!) - believe me, unlike today's movie posters, they are real artpieces. And, of course, of you find your favourite or just want to give the best gift for a real fanatic, you can also buy the posters (there are some under €200 and above €2000, you can refine your search according to era, designer, actor/director, price, etc.) - believe me, they are worth it, just like a contemporary painting.

PS. Oh, and this is exam season that means I can not pay as much attention to fashion as I want to. But today, while I was checking the blog Superfantasticpicturetime, I found the picture of this young lady and thought I'd put it here:

I love the shoes, I love the red details, I love the coat, I love the haircut, I love everything.

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