Venice has always been the IT place for me - I love New York, I love London, but no other city had this much impact on me.
And being a self-confessed pop culture fanatic (though my media teacher would not really be happy hearing this...) who's especially into valuable music, films, literautre and fashion (yes, that exists in pop culture too) and finally, being a brit pop admirer, it is no surprise that I have found my IT shop in Venice.

Oh yes, everything started with The Beatles... I think I have a special connection with them (I share my b-day with Sir McCartney!!), maybe that's the reason I'm totally infatuated with britpop?? And this shopwindow (okay, almost every single shopwindow in Venice, even the baker's window) is like a museum, so arty, so perfect, so desirable (at least for me. My mother wasn't really fool for it)... I want every single piece from that store!!!

Of course, other pop cultural icons, just like the fabulous Betty Boop are also available in the store, in various forms of merchandise.

If you wanted to know where the shop is, well... that's a good question. Somewhere between Bridge Rialto and the train station. Seriously, despite the fact that I've been to Venice countless times, I still can't tell where the coolest shops are (okay, except for the high fashion stores.) - you just wander around and voilá, they're in front of you, again and again!!

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