May I?

I must confess, I feel very lucky. I've been looking for a song for a very long time and found someone who sent it to me. Not a usual thing nowadays that people are actually kind with and to each other. So that's the reason why I am swimming in joy.
I heard a line of the Bing Crosby song May I? for the first time in The Talented Mr. Ripley and I got impressed. And now that I actually have the song, I can say it's just as perfect and beautiful as I have expected whenever I was listening to the line 'May I be the only one to say I really fell in love the day I first set eyes on you'.
Now I possess numerous Crosby songs and I would like to promote you some of them.
First of all, what I love about him and his work is that the songs have their own atmosphere. While listening to Mr. Crosby you feel like you were in an old movie or at least next to the singer himself - now that's what I call time travel!
His voice is unbelievable, I could listen to it for ever. It's like he was singing next to me or directly to me, so he makes the audience feel very close to him. The lyrics are no exception: they are excellent and express feelings we all have but are unable to express this beautifully.
Even the titles are inspiring, thought-wakening and impressive. My other favourites are On Treasure Island, Someone Stole Gabriel's Horn, Try a Little Tenderness and Two Cigarettes in the Dark.
I also recommend you all to check out the website of The International Club Crosby. Their magazine is marvellous as well, and the club is the world's longest-running fan club (it was founded in 1936)!

That's what I like about music and culture and 'style' itself that includes it all - you can never know who you meet. Now I met Bing Crosby though I've seen him a couple of times before, but it's only now that I recognised how great he was. And how great he IS, since he remains with us forever through his fabulous art.


Stanley said...

You found it??? I have been looking for this song ever since I saw the Ripley film and have had no luck finding it anywhere. Might you by chance have an MP3 of it you could email or file share over one of the chats? If you are on Yahoo I am LoveGIs on there and would love to finally have that beautiful and sweet song!

Orsolya Ott said...

Hey Stanley, of course I can send you the song but I am not on Yahoo and can't see your profile. If you send me a mail (Contradiction@earthling.net), we'll find a way to send you May I? . Have a nice day.

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