Alice, be talkless!

For your information, I am a huge Picasso fan. So huge actually that I am prone to spend fortunes on memorabilia related to him. But somehow, my favourite Picasso merchandise of all (if you can call it merchandise anyway) is a DVD that cost me no more than 10 (I bought it a year ago right after it was released and since it is quite a rare and unknown picture, it's extraordinary that it was so cheap). The title of the movie is Adventures of Picasso (originally Picassos äventyr), a Swedish movie starring Gösta Ekman and Lena Olin, directed by Tage Danielsson.

It is, in my opinion, THE best movie ever made about Picasso, because it can measure up to him more than any other film based on his life and/or art. And though Anthony Hopkins (one of my favourite actors, so I respect him a lot) look more Picasso-ish in Surviving Picasso, I would say the Adventures of Picasso and Gösta Ekman are more Picasso to me, even if the movie itself is not authentic and Picasso was anything but that shy in real life when it came to women... But maybe this is the key to it, the humour that Pablo never ceased to use and the fact that Picasso's works LIVE, unlike any ohter artist's masterpieces (not even Salvador Dalí could create a world Picasso managed to create in only a few moments).

And though the paintings shown in the movie are not original (I mean, they do not look like the original ones) and are not necessarily based on any original paintings, the film makes us understand what it could mean to be Picasso and how he could consider being Picasso (remember his /in/famous quote, "now there is fame! Of all—hunger, misery, the incomprehension by the public—fame is by far the worst. It is the castigation of God by the artist. It is sad. It is true").
Believe me, it is worth watching and purchasing. Not only because it contains 10 languages (so there is no such thing as synchronizing, thank God!) and not only beacuse the movie itself is one of the best motion pictures of all time (it is a cult movie for those who know it) but because the DVD also contains some fabulous extra features, including two documentaries on him (Picasso and the world and Picasso and women) and we can sing the famous Sirkka song with Sirkka herself, or try to perform it alone, thanks to the karaoke video. There is also a feature, it's called Follow the white dove! - while watching the movie many fun facts can be read about Pablo and the movie itself.
So, Picassos äventyr is truly genious - just like Pablo himself, claims the tagline of the DVD and I totally agree with it.

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