All the lost souls go back to bedlam

Just like millions of others, I've been in love with James Blunt's music ever since You're beautiful hit the radio stations. Later, when his album got released, I happened to realize You're beautiful was not his best song at all (so basically, he's different from many artists who have one hit that sells the album) - Goodbye my Lover, Billy, Out of my mind... just to mention a few. Okay, actually, I adore that album inside and outside, and no matter how many times I listen to it, I just can't get enough. So it's quite understandable that I've been waiting for this for so long - his new album, All the lost souls is out today!
The first single, 1973 suggested it would be a bit different and I couldn't decide whether it was a good or bad change. It's understandable he wanted something else - just like in the case of The White Stripes after Elephant, for James after Back to Bedlam there was really nothing more he could have achieved in the same style since he has already created something that was the best of the best.
In my opinion though, 1973 is too Coldplay-ish. There were many comparisons back when his debut album got released but I think that was way more unique. I don't say 1973 is a bad song, no way, it's good but compared to his previous ones, it's hardly anywhere. But since his first ever single wasn't the best either, I still had hope in him.
On the album, the second song, One of the brightest stars returns to the perfect roots, and it's simply beautiful. It is so good actually, that while listening to All the lost souls for the first time, I didn't care if it was only the second track, I listened to it once more. It was the same with the Same mistake, Carry you home, Give me some love and I could go on - I am already unable to choose a favourite song, they are sooooo marvellous!!! So it seems that's his recipe to success: that the first single is only an aperitif. In brief, the titles, the artwork, the lyrics and above all, the voice are still wonderful. And the songs? They are great as well. It always takes some time to examine and fully understand them, to make them be suitable for your own life and emotions. I definitely give him 5 out of 5 stars - another material I won't be able to get bored of.

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