I am feeling terrible heartaches - after45 years in fashion, Valentino, one of the ultimate fashion designers, the one who's influenced our beloved world so much and for so long, decided to retire.
Not to make it that hard (or to make it even harder??) to accept, he stated he'll design (actually, I guess, has already designed at least one) two more collections for his fantastic brand: one Ready-to-wear (it will be shown in October during Paris Fashion Week), and one final haute couture, due to be shown in January.
The 74 year-old designer told PEOPLE: "At this time, I have decided that is the perfect moment to say adieu to the world of fashion. As the English say, I would like to leave the party when it is still full."
The rumour has Gucci designer and fellow Italian Alessandra Facchinetti will be the new creator of Valentino. I don't know if she's good for that, Gucci is so different from Valentino, but anyway, if Karl could do it to his brands, why couldn't Allessandra do it as well? Okay, she's definitely not Karl and sadly not Valentino himself, but at least there's hope that we'll see more of the most beautiful dresses in the world - this time with the name, but without the dreamings of Signor Valentino Garavani.


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sunniva said...

Oh no!
That's so sad!
I hope the next designer of Valentino keep the spirit of valentino!
That's fashion!

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