Metal heart.

There are certain performers I do not like, but some of their works I find masterpieces. Metallica is one of these performers - they have two songs I love and even if I normally don't listen to them when I listen to music, I am glad when they are on the radio or when I run into them somewhere else.

The first song is, unsurprisingly, Nothing Else Matters. I think everyone who doesn't loathe this genre likes it and it's so popular maybe even they like it without knowing about it - it's a song you can't avoid, a song that has themes you can hear in films, TV shows, anywhere else. It's probably one of the most famous rock songs ever, even if it's a bit softer than what you'd expect.
I chose this video because it's the most well-known version (therefore the one I like the most) and the lyrics are shown as well.

The second song is Unforgiven. It's also something very much like a ballad, and it's the refrain that makes it unforgettable for me.

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