In love.

I read many blogs (thank God for Netvibes and easy-organizing, I can read them all without moving from my homepage!) and one of them mentioned EmerJa. Checking out the website/blog, I fell in love with the very original and a bit whimsical pendants - this meeting of talent and creativity is personalized/unique accessories heaven!

I truly don't know why I have a thing for birds - it all started with doves, then went on with a swallow pendant and now it's basically every kind of birds - like this one. The final version can be seen below, but I think I just prefer it in black and white.

Another design I am desperately in love with is the cat-pendants. Maybe because they remind me of a ceramic wall decoration (also handmade) I got in Assisi, Italy.

For other designs, check out emerjadesign.blogspot.com!

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