Impressions - Rome.

So, about my week in Rome...
The first thing is, the means of transport are incredibly crowded. I've been to some metropolises in my life but none of them seemed to have this problem. All this due to the fact that there are only two metro lines. The reason, as I hear, is obvious - under the current streets there are so many treasures from the ancient Rome that it slows down the construction of basically anything in the city. The incredible number of tourists are also a factor in the crowdedness that is a perfect place for pickpockets - it was only our first day there and we caught one!
All that I mentioned above makes me not want to live there - it's quite frustrating even as a tourist, I can't imagine experiencing it every single day. Another thing is the heat. It unbearable, the means of transport or the stations lack air conditioning and no matter how many green fields are, the massive amount of concrete makes it worse.
On the other hand, Rome is a shopping paradise and we somehow found a cheap yet excellent pizza place with a really nice owner. Not that it's a surprise that Italian people are marvellous - I've onl had a few bad experiences and that was not in Rome anyway.
The city itself is, of yourse, unbelievable and magically beautiful. There are countless things to see, you need at least one month there to see everything you want, not to mention those you don't want... This is why I found it annyoing that to get to the Sistine Chapel you have to walk around almost all the chambers of the Vatican Museums, first because if you don't want to, it takes a lot of time and second (and this is my case): everything is breathtaking there and you feel guilty not looking at them. I understand the logic behind it though; without the Sistine Chapel the number of the Museums' visitors would radically decrease.
However, what I liked the most was the Trevi Fountain. You really can not imagine what it's like until you see it - gigantic and fabulous. I could sit there and watching it for hours - the only problem is that that's how most tourist feel and this is why you find them hundreds of people fighting to get there and see it in all its glory, even if for a couple of minutes. I wonder what it's like in the night, but I doubt it that it's significantly less crowded...

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