With all my love going out to Penélope Cruz, this post is not about her and her well deserved (and may I see predictable?) win at yesterday's Oscars. This post is going to be about Sean Penn, the man I hoped would win but never believed so. For many, many years the winners of the main categories were never a surprise for me, but this time, and I am more than glad, it happened to be so.
Actually, I was sad since Mickey Rourke won for The Wrestler at the Golden Globes, because I wanted Sean Penn to win so much. I was sad, because with that victory and all that you could read in the papers, hear from the critics, I think almost everyone was at least 99% sure that the golden guy would finally end up in Rourke's hands, just because Hollywood is all over his return from... well, the mud. But don't get me wrong, it's not a hater post, even if I admit I do not like Mickey Rourke (just like I don not like Philip Seymour Hoffman or Russel Crowe), no. It's a post I decided to write because I still can't see from the joy that got over me when Michael Douglas said the name I thought would not hear. Sean Penn has been an icon for me for such a long time and I don't think I'm far from the truth that he deserved it a lot, just like he did for Mystic River and just like he would have deserved for many of his other works. So here it is, his acceptance speech and man, I'm so, so proud and happy.

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