Is it true, or am I dreaming?

Many people say it's time to move on, leave waif-like girls behind and embrace the feminine figures that were considered sexy for decades and centuries, until the arrival of Twiggy who, followed by Kate Moss and many others managed to change the way women look at themselves and their curves and nowadays when someone tells you "oh my God, you are so skinny!" you, instead of starting to worry, take it as a compliment.
But now, here is Kate Moss, the icon of not only the '90s but also the 21st century and what we call fashionable, posing for New York Magazine half naked, talking about how much she enjoys having curves and actually wearing a bra. Now there are two possibilities: a. it's just a dream (or, for many girls who have always wanted to get a body like Kate Moss's, a dream come true), b. the world is about to experience major changes.
Either way, it's great to read an interview with Kate and see her happy and healthy (and by healthy, I also mean free-of-any-other-problems/addictions).

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