Why, why, why, why, why, why WHY?????

When Joaquin Phoenix announced he was going to retire from acting I thought it was one of his strange jokes again. And then his rep confirmed and then he said over and over again and now I'm about to break down and cry all night. Why couldn't someone else, someone just a bit less talented and great retire? Why is it that it's always the best ones who disappear so easily and untimely? Joaquin Phoenix is without a question one of the (if not THE) most talented actors of his generation, an artists who deserves to be called artist, a man who made movies for the sake of movies instead of any intentions of becoming a huge star. His low-key lifestyle and charity work (not to mention all he has done for PETA) turned him into not only someone to love but also to someone too look up to.

And, I must admit, I also love the sense of humor that is very much like mine.
The only comfort I have is that he is not retiring from showbusiness since he is about to concentrate on his musical career that, judging by the songs he sang in Walk the Line, might be more successful than most other actor-turned-musician attempts. Also, he is directing music videos and maybe I am an absolute fool but I think/hope he will direct a movie one day and realize his artistic vein is perfect for this business, too.
Anyway, I will miss him from the screen for ever and since hope dies last, I will wake up every day, hoping the news mention a comeback.

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