Top 3: Madonna.

It is probably impossible to say these are my favourite Madonna songs since she has so many good ones I think only those who say they don't like her find at least one they love. Anyway, these 3 are absolutely on the top for me, not only for the music but also for the beautiful lyrics and, as it is obvious with Madonna, they are different yet similar. I don't think anyone in contemporary pop music is as influential, successful and admired as Madonna is for her past, her present and her future alike.
1. Like a Prayer

One of the most beautiful songs of the last decades, there's no need to say anything more.
2. Frozen

The dark era - the lyrics, the video, the image, everything is brilliant.
3. Beautiful Stranger

Though I don't like Austin Powers, I love this song. It says what women feel when they would like to seduce that certain Beautiful Stranger...

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