My new darling.

There are many people out there who change gadgets like lingerie - I am not one of them. I have emotions for my things and just because they're not that modern I don't stop loving them. This is why it took me years to get to the point where I say I would like to buy a new iPod. I used to have a mini and loved it dearly but I decided to "break up."
Originally, I wanted to buy a 3rd generation black nano, simply because I loved its shape more. But with the arrival of the 4th generation, stores sold out and I had to choose: a 4th generation in any colour, or a 3rd generation in that strange green or pink shade (yes, the important questions of life...). Considering the latest nano's new features, I gave in. I bought the silver version because I loved that the click wheel is black and on all the other colours (except for black) it's the usual white. I also found silver more elegant and more "me", so there was no place for hesitating.
To speak about the music-related functions, I really like Cover Flow (especially that it automatically appears when I tilt the iPod sideways) and the shuffle mode (I just have to shake) could be great too, IF I ever used shuffle mode. About the also new Genius feature... I must admit I haven't tried it yet but the idea is nice and I'm sure it's even nicer to use it.
The display of course is beautiful and the shape... I can not find words. Just imagine what it feels like after the "big, chunky mini"! I find it a bit strange though that the earphones have to be plugged in at the bottom but that's about the only thing I could question.
The other features, like that I can watch photos and videos are good but not that new and/or important but you can never know when you'll need them, right?
I read that with a compatible microphone it's also a voice recorder that actually is wonderful news since I was planning to buy a voice recorder, too.
Being the Apple and iPod lover that I am, of course I adore my new iPod. But it's not because I'm partial, it's because it's simply brilliant!!!

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E said...

Oh you lucky, lucky girl!

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