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Dear everyone, I am happy to inform you that my exam season has nearly come to and. Yesterday I had the most difficult exam of my life (so far) and today I was shocked to hear I somehow, who on Earth knows exactly how, managed to get an A. I felt like Martin Scorsese when winning the Oscar, the only thing I wanted to tell the teacher was "would you double-check the 'envelope'?". Anyway, it's over.

And now I would like to share with you some works by a brilliant Hungarian photographer who happens to live and work in Dubai and take pictures for companies like Cartier and magazines like Glamour, not to mention his campaign for Gucci's ENVY (the latter was only available in Hungary and the Czech Republic): Peter Richweisz.

His works are very beautiful, artistic (of course), sometimes futuristic but basically always colourful and extremely interesting. I do not think I should say more. Here are some examples, for the rest, check his homepage.

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Kosmetik said...

really very nice contribution to your blog, I like it.

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