Vicky. Cristina. Barcelona.

I know, I know: I have some passions I can't stop talking about. One of them is Woody Allen. I like and admire many directors but he is my favourite bacuase basically I've loved everything he has ever made (except for Celebrity) and his personality is just stunning (and now I'm not thinking about his movie characters but his own, real-life personality), and I do not know what part he has in chosing what songs to feature in his movies but I love them a lot too (just remember the scenes in The Curse of the Jade Scorpion when he is sleepwalking or Scoop or using opera in Match Point, and now I could go on and on).

Since Barcelona is one of my two most adored cities in the world, I was extremely happy to hear he was making a film there. And now that it comes to a theatre near me pretty soon (its first screening was in Cannes just a few hours ago), I got more excited.
I don't believe in telling the story of a film before watching it or recomennding someone to do so. Instead, here is a bit of what he had to say to the press in France:
(on whether he has plans to make a movie in Russia now that he makes movies in Europe as well):
"I was planning on being there [in St. Petersburg] for five days, and I was there for about two hours, and I went to the travel agent in town and I said, 'Get me the first reservation out of here. I don't care where it goes'.
What could I say? Typically brilliant. I can absolutely see him saying that.

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