In good and bad.

I don't know why I have a thing for statues but I guess it is because of the emotions they represent. Not that paintings, songs or other art pieces can not move me but when I saw this statue in Italy (I believe it was in Vicenza), I fell in love with it and it has quickly become one of my favourite statues.

For me this couple is the example of everlasting love that means no matter what, you stay together, stand by each other, give each other tenderness and hold your loved one's hands make them stand up again, even in tantalizing pain.

But from an other view, it means something else to me as well - that love is never easy, sometimes it's agonizing and yes, it also reminds me of true passion, that irresistible something that words can not describe (at least my words can not) - but this statue, well, it can.

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