Movies everyone is fool for - but me.

A while ago I had a post about movies most people dislike but me and now it's time for those that are adored by millions but I just can't get why.

1. Juno
No wonder, Juno is a sweet movie but never in my life did I think it was going to be as big as it is. True, the story is extraordinary but the Oscar winning script seems enforced sometimes and an average 15-16 year-old girl is not like Juno who is way too mature in the movie (and the writer of the screenplay obviously wanted to 'soften' her matureness with witty-like lines that sound a bit unnatural). But her father's character is great, I do not know why he reminds me of the brilliant Little Miss Sunshine's grandpa...

So yes, nice film but nothing special except for the pregnant teenager thing. Could have been better, could have been more entertaining.

2. The Devil Wears Prada
This movie is called "my favourite" by many fashionistas but frankly speaking, I expected more. I watched it back when it came out and never again. I was unimpressed by everything, it was full of clich├ęs. I haven't read the book (yes, shame on me) so I don't know whether that's better or not but except for Meryl Streep and some great outfits, I couldn't find anything I loved about The Devil Wears Prada (but believe me, I tried to). It is the kind of film that has a well predictable ending, it's enough to read the plot or watch the first few minutes. And even if I want to say it shows what a despot a certain editor-in-chief can be, I can't. In fact, the real-life legends sound more authentic to me than this film (even if it is based on the experiences of the book's author).

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