Titanic - the movie, aka my first good experience with 3D

A 100 years ago Titanic left Southampton and the rest is history. As a tribute to this double anniversary (it was 15 years ago that the James Cameron movie Titanic opened in cinemas) a 3D version of the now classic motion picture is in theatres again and I couldn't wait to see it.
I love this movie because while fictional catastrophies leave me unimpressed, Cameron's masterpiece never fails to make me think about human nature and I believe it shows the disaster itself in the most authentic and shocking way ever experienced at the movies.
Probably this is why I was looking forward to see it all again on the big screen and in 3D. Although I was very young when it came out back in 1997, it made me interested in the story of this majestic ship and somehow I always felt sorry for not being able to enjoy it again in such a way (in my humble opinion, movies of this caliber are incomparable when watched at the movies and when watched at home on TV or on a computer).

I am no expert in 3D (mainly because the films that are made in 3D nowadays are the ones I never care for, e.g. Avatar) but I got more than what I expected. Seeing the Titanic collide with an iceberg and then sink in 3D was even more shocking and many times it almost felt like I was there myself.
Now that I know what it's like in 3D and after those 15 years of feeling sorry for not watching it more times in the cinema, I am seriously considering going again. It is experiences like this and motion pictures like Titanic that make me remember why I love going to the movies (and not just watch films at home) and why it is worth it to buy that ticket and sit there in the dark, waiting for something magical to happen. Sometimes you leave disappointed, but the chance of leaving with something more is worth the risk.

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