Still going strong.

When a successful series starts a new season, the question is always floating in the air: will it be as good as the previous one? This is especially true if we had to wait more than we're used to to see how our beloved characters' lives continue.
I have been an huge Mad Men fan for quite some time now and couldn't wait to see the 5th season. I had my doubts of course - nearly a year and a half without a new episode could have carried in itself a huge failure - but I was more than satisfied with the new episodes and am now wishing the week would go by a little bit faster to see the next ones.
Mad Men is still the best series on air (or could it be that it is the best ever?), most movies could envy the quality, wit, story line and acting talent it represents, not to mention the influence it had on fashion and, of course, on contemporary television; creators see a great potential in the glamorous 60s now (think Pan Am), although we have yet to see anything that is at least nearly as good as the series that made it all happen: Mad Men.

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