The ultimate dance, the ultimate scene.

Though unfortunately I can not dance, I am considering taking a ballroom dance course. It would have many advantages - being more secure on weddings and other balls, for example - but the main reason is that tango is taught on these classes. I think the first time I fell for tango was when I saw it being danced in True Lies (yes, the Schwarzenegger movie). It was surprisingly seductive and wonderful, even if the dancers were - at least to me - anything but attractive (except for Tiw Carrere, of course). Oh, and I just loved that rose thing).
Here it is, thanks to our good friend, youtube:
True Lies tango scence
True Lies tango scene with Jamie Lee Curtis
And then, in Scent of a woman, where a beautiful girl and Al "never goes out of stlye" Pacino performed it, I knew I was lost for good. It was so beautiful and touching (remember, Pacino is blind in the movie) and sexy, so irresistible. Here's the clip (according to the story, he's dancing tango with the girl because she has always wanted to learn how to dance it but couldn't find anyone who could show her).
Scent of a woman tango scene
My mother says she can recall Antonio Banderas dancing tango too, but I doubt what she remembers is his tango in Take the lead, that leaves me unimpressed.

Since tango has many versions and can also be impromptu (as far as I know the one being danced in Scent of a woman is Argentine tango but I might be wrong, I am definitely not a dance expert), I do not know if the great and temperamental dance in The mask of Zorro (Banderas&Ζeta-Jones)is tango or not. However, since Antonio is the person most people imagine a typical Spanish man (i.e. good looking and passionate), I think he is perfect for tango (and I'm quite sure with his musical soul he had danced it in some other movies too)!

In a few words, tango is beautiful, erotic, passionate, seductive, timeless... - the ultimate dance. I can't wait to learn it. It might be difficult to dance it casually-passionately but it is worth it. I think if anyone knows only one dance, it should be tango - just imagine dancing it with a significant other... So perfect. And the music... isn't it divine?

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