Misunderstood movies.

There is a latin proverb: De gustibus non est disputandum. It means something like 'we can't discuss taste'. When it comes to art we can not convince anyone of how good or not good a piece of art is but it is not true that we can not discuss them. Of course we can. The question is: what for? Answer nr. 1: because it's good sharing and exchanging thoughts with others. Answer nr. 2: because this way we discover further thought in ourselves.
But there are some movies that are completely misunderstood and hated by many people, even critics. And since we can discuss taste, I will share with you the reasons why I loved these misunderstood movies.
1. The Village

M. Night Shyamalan's movie with Joaquin Phoenix, Adrien Brody and Sigourney Weaver (and I could go on). I have always loved Shyamalan's movies (most of them - Lady in the water was terrible), think 6th sense and Signs (so funny). I think the reason why most people dislike The Village (and maybe even Signs) is that it is not what they expected - they thought they would see a horror or a thriller and what they get is not like that at all. I think The Village is ironic and utopic and this is what's wonderful about it - I have not seen any utopic movies for ages and even if the ones I've seen were poor in humour. But The Village is funny - Adrien Brody is perfect as the village idiot. But after all, in what role is not he perfect? And Joaqin's faces... God, I love him. Remember when Ivy's sister confesses she loves him? Look at his face, you'll laugh out hard. But towards the end, it is thought wakening and saddening. So basically, this is why I love The Village - it makes me laugh, then it makes me think. And M. Night's cameo is perfectly shot!

2. Surviving Picasso

You might know I am a Picasso fanatic. And though I love Anthony Hopkins, he is uncannily talented, I was reluctant to watch Surviving Picasso because I've heard it was bad and I loved The Adventures of Picasso so much I thought it was impossible to make a better movie than that. But finally, my love for Picasso and the fact that The Adventures... is a comedy and this is not made me watch it, despite all the harsh reviews. You know what happened? I adored it. It was authentic (Hopkins's moves, gestures, so Picasso!), interesting and marvellous. It's not a perfect movie, I admit but I was so impressed that after it ended I felt like I could watch it again. Most of the critics say it is a bad movie because it concentrates on Picasso the lover and not on Picasso the artist. But the title says it all - Surviving Picasso; it's about his women, especially Francoise Gilot (pictured above). I recommend it to everyone, especially to those who are interested in artist biopics, even if this one is about relationships and not work. But there are some (I think two) scenes when Picasso is painting and it's nice to see it, it's interestingly interpreted but a bit short. But if you want to see him work, watch Clouzot's The Mystery of Picasso when the 'original' Pablo Picasso is filmed while painting his world-famous Guernica...

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