Now I get it.

For many years I've been a follower of Franz Ferdinand (the band, of course) but when back in 2009 they came out with the album Tonight, it didn't impress me as much as their previous two albums. I couldn't really tell you the reason, maybe it was too modern disco for me and I was expecting something else. However, a few months ago I decided to leave all my negative feelings behind and listen to it again and boy do I get it now.
Maybe I'm more open to this new kind of indie-ish music now, who knows, I just feel that if this is the direction dance music in the 2010s is going to take, we're still somehow gonna be okay.
Although I normally don't like what we call "modern contemporary" performers but this band (just like Muse) has that certain something that makes them different from the others. I like it when an artist does not only pay attention to one aspect of their performance but all of them and Franz Ferdinand qualifies. Plus, I've known it ever since Alex Kapranos uttered the words "you can feel my lips undress your eyes" that he wrote the sexiest lyrics nowadays (and by this I mean talking about it but not actually saying it) and with No You Girls he once again showed us how it's done.
It is said that they will have a new album out this year and I can't wait. Hopefully I'll like it right away, maybe it will take me a few years again but part of my heart (and my iPod) still belongs to these Scottish boys.

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