The end of an era - or two.

Two of the 2000s most successful series ended this month and although they were quite different, I always found they belonged to each other. It's probably because they premiered more or less around the same time and I started watching them both together (back then they were on the same channel every Wednesday in my country): Desperate Housewives and House M.D.
I was just an adolescent when became a follower of these two and now, 8 years later it's like saying goodbye to two old friends. Of course during these years many things have changed not only in my life but also in these series and maybe they weren't as good anymore as they used to be but I never once doubted I will stay with them until the end - and the end came a week ago for Desperate Housewives and yesterday for House.
I believe that a series finale is just as important as a pilot. The latter is supposed to attract viewers and get them interested, while the finale should answer all questions, it should contain a little bit of nostalgia and it should be very careful with the tone since it has a huge influence on the way fans will think about the series itself when looking back.
Desperate Housewives' very last episode was written by creator Marc Cherry and it was everything it had to be and could be - watching it felt like watching those first few seasons that were the best and it was a great conclusion. House, on the other hand, was less impressive. Directed and co-written by its creator, David Shore, it wasn't until the last 10 minutes that I felt its tone changing for the better and it didn't give me that sense of proper farewell. Maybe they mixed up things so badly in the past two or three seasons that there was no other way out, but still, it could have been better (but I have to repeat myself and say that the last scenes were great). However, in House's case I am willing to forgive - his philosophy will always be remember, even when the ending is long forgotten.

I guess that's how it is when you part with old friends- sometimes you feel your goodbye was worthy and other times you feel it could have been more.

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