The voice that can't be erased.

Whitney Houston was one of the most important voices of the 80s and the 90s who produced, along with many, many other hits, one of the most important songs of music history - I Will Always Love You. This record, along with the movie The Bodyguard, marked the childhood of people my age. I still listen to it quite often and I am always amazed by the voice Whitney had, that enormous talent, that way she could perform, filled with emotions, making you feel uncannily close to what she was singing about and to Whitney herself.
Of course after a few years she started to have problems but the world never ceased to believe she would one day stand up again and give us more and more songs that easen our pain and make our lives better.
Sadly, now we know she will never be able to return to us - she is gone forever, but her voice will stay with us forever.

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