The therapy and the masterpiece.

I think there is no question about it that R.E.M. is (was) one of the most important performers of the last 30 years. Many of us grew up on their music, loved it and respected it and still get excited when one of their songs are on the radio. Also, they are the ones who gave the world Losing My Religion, a song that not only made them crazy famous at the time but that wrote their name in music history. It might be a cliché to say this is one of my favourite R.E.M. songs ever, but let's face the undeniable: this song, with its brilliant lyrics, eats-itself-under-your-skin sound and amazing video, is perfect.
There are a lot of love songs out there, many of them are about obsession, but none of them describes them the way Losing My Religion does. All that pain, all that longing, all that madness and all those doubts are compiled and densified in this work of art of less than five minutes. No words or explications are needed after listening to Losing My Religion. No need for other love songs that make you feel they're about you. Everything that has to be said is said in this song and all you can do is listen to it, admire it, maybe cry a little, then get yourself together and try to move on. Perfection.

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