Dressing Gracefully.

Back when Grace Kelly was not a princess, she worked with Alfred Hitchcock. The movie Rear window - that, more than 50 years after its release is still an exciting and interesting film - shows the tragic legend in all her glory that could still be an examlple of clothing for young women.

Her most famous outfit was this black and white dress that is still inspiring for fashion lovers and designers (think Carolina Herrera). The movie was coloured later and this is how it looks like after being restorated:

Another classic is this green women's suit:

Though the color picture doesn't make it visible, the white shirt's tailoring is simply fantastic. Here is an outtake from the original black and white version:

Another day, another dress for Lisa Fremont...

Reading Harper's Bazaar:

The outfits in the movie were designed by Edith Head (just like in other Hitchcock films).

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