Crazy, Stupid, Love.

To tell you the truth, I often feel bad when I think about this blog because I see that I either don't post or all my entries are about movies.
But, after all, cinema is what I love the most, what interests, inspires and entertains me the most, so what the hell.

As you may have guessed, what I wanted to say is that this post is going to be about a movie as well. And not just any movie, it's going to be about my new favourite 21st century comedy.

I wrote in an older post that I found that each decade's comedies have their own style and vibe and that many times I am anything but impressed by that of the new-era comedies. I would say the only movie of this genre that was made in the past few years and that I have seen several times is Something's Gotta Give. Well, at least it used to be the only one, since now I have a new title on my to-go list: Crazy, Stupid, Love.

I really like Steve Carell and I think he is one of the best comics now out there - his works are funny even when they're a bit dumb (Get Smart, I'm looking at you!) and he is such a softspoken guy, I find impossible not to like him. But the thing is, even if Carell by himself is enough reason to watch a movie, this one's cast list is more than amazing: we have the always gorgeous Julianne Moore, the now legendary Kevin Bacon and undoubtedly THE most talented actor who was born in the 80s - Ryan Gosling. We also have rising star Emma Stone, I think it was the first movie I've seen with her and I can assure you there will be a lot more!

In case you need more convincing (I doubt it), I would like to add how funny and interesting this movie is. The story in itself might not be that original but the way the creators approached it is very unique and witty.

Finally, a film I can turn to after a bad day, or after watching yet another disappointingly boring and predictable "comedy".

Must see.

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